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What do I have to provide to the industrialist (Kickmaker) to get a quotation?

By 9 April 2020Non classé
Industrialization question Kickmaker

At Kickmaker, we consider projects on a case-by-case basis. Nevertheless, some general advice can be applied.

1/ The more input data you provide, the more precise our quotation will be

All documents created by the project leaders are useful to us:

– Client brief
– Expected delivery
– Specifications or PRD (to find out more about PRD), with requirements by profession (at best)
TRL (Technology Readiness Level)/MRL (Manufacturing Readiness Level) document. It is interesting for a project leader to be able to evaluate his project on a TRL scale and therefore to know the level of mastery of the technology of his project (to measure the level of risk/unknown of the project). The MRL will allow to evaluate the level of maturity (PoC vs. Functional Prototype).
– BOM (Bill Of Materials) -> to find out more: everything you always wanted to know about BOM
3D design rendering
– Functional prototype

Each document provided will confirm the assessment of TRL and MRL and thus define the remaining loads and the level of risk associated with them.

We can propose a quotation with little input data, but it will still be very cost effective.

2/ We study each quotation on a case-by-case basis and each quotation is co-constructed with the client.

Each project is unique, so no generalizations can be made. Moreover, we do not operate in client mode but in project mode. If a client presents us with several projects, each project will be treated independently of the others (or pooled by technical issues if it makes sense). That’s why it takes a lot of time to make a quote, and the less input data there is, the more Kickmaker will be forced to take some margin to control the risk.

We advise startups to make a first prototype on their own, to advance on their market studies and requirements specifications and to contact us for auditing, budget advisory or when the functional prototype is ready to be optimized for production.

Each quotation is co-constructed with the customer, and is the result of a discussion that takes into account the project requirements up to the Quality/Cost/Delivery compromise.

3/ We do not work with fixed specifications

We know how difficult it is for a project leader to define the specifications and to build his specifications or a PRD. In a development process, in a classic design office, a set of specifications is established at the beginning of the project and each modification leads to an amendment to the contract. At Kickmaker we know that a project cannot be completely defined from the beginning without restricting innovation. We therefore work agile and try as much as possible to evolve with the client’s needs within a constant load (so a new need that would have little or no impact on the project will not result in an amendment while a major change will be discussed). Kickmaker always proposes choices to the client by measuring the pros & cons of each and their impact on the project. The client remains the sole decision-maker.


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