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Design and industrialization strategy

Define the inherent possibilities for the development of innovative high-tech products and the associated industrial designs.

Innovation strategy

Due dilligence & audit


Innovation strategy

Creativity sessions or co-development workshops led by Kickmaker engineers, experts in their fields. Those sessions are designed to inspire and support the marketing, technical, R&D and product development teams…

Finding innovative solutions to technical problems & developing new features.

  • What can I add to my product?
  • How can I develop an innovative product?
  • How can I solve a technical problem or new industrialization issues?


  • MRD
  • Project progress (stage)
  • Problems encountered and what has already been tried (context) & final objective (goal)
  • Analysis of the existing situation, competitive market research
  • Benchmark


  • Brainstorming report
  • List of possible technical solutions

Audit / Technical due diligence

Technical audit of a hardware project to evaluate capitalistic investments, set up an industrial roadmap, raise funds, invest… Audit lead thanks to the 60 budget & strategy advisory Kickmaker’s method.

Carrying out an industrialization file / securing an investment / raising funds​

  • How do I plan the development and industrialization of my product?
  • What is the maturity of my product?
  • What capital investments should I make?
  • How do I build a solid case for fundraising?
  • How to estimate the potential of a project for equity investment?


  • POC
  • Product (V1, V2…)
  • List of industrial partners
  • Choice of technical solutions
  • Documentation, team presentation
  • BOM
  • Investments already made
  • All technical reference documents


  • An industrialization file
  • An industrial road map
  • A capital investment plan
  • An audit file
  • A strategic plan and a cost study
  • Selection of manufacturers and framework contracts
  • Quotation and BOM


Technical training for companies, incubators, engineering groups.​

Train different audiences in product design for industrialization.​

  • Product design process, industrialization and best practices.
  • Technical fields: mechanics, electronics, software, eco-design.
  • Tools: Solidworks, Altium.


  • PRD, POC, prototype. 


  • Training material,
  • guideline,
  • booklet.
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