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Valentin, mechanical engineer

Valentin, mechanical engineer

+ Hello Valentin, can you tell us more about your career path ?

I graduated with a BTS CIM (micro-mechanical design and industrialization) and then worked for :

  • Nanoracing (design office for the design of micro race UAVs)
  • Skydrone (management of the design office, we developed drones for cinema, humanitarian and military fields)

I was a technician for both.

+ How did you reach Kickmaker ?

Thanks to Vincent Leroux, former colleague (became friend) of Nanoracing. I then went to see KM’s Linkedin posts and I applied.

+ Why have you chose the industrialization field ?

To be able to follow a project from the beginning till the end, from the paper idea to the product, which I didn’t do before. Before, I was in prototyping field and we made unique products. Here, we refine as much as possible and we can see a project carried out in the hands of several people. It avoids sloppy work, it’s more rigorous

+ Your missions at Kickmaker ?

Currently I work for only one client, Stago + I help a colleague on a personnal project. At Kickmaker, engineers are incitated to begin a personal technologic project & to be help by the community.

+ What about the ambiance at Kickmaker ?

Definitly cool, and what I liked the most is the mutual assistance and the versatility of the missions, we work on very various subjects and it’s really enjoying. And the dynamic atmosphere is clearly makes the difference

+ how do you want to evolve ?

Personally: Kick allow me to professionalize myself as much as possible and will help me when I’ll decid to launch my personnal project.

+ Anything else you want to say ?

The general atmosphere: regularly activities with the team are organized and we really feel like a community, we are all together to make the company grow and enjoying at the same time.

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