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Define your industrialization strategy with an industrial bootstrapping diagnostic!

Life.01 develops a connected air purifier that removes 100% of critical particles and continuously monitors indoor air, we carried out an industrial bootstrap diagnostic, in partnership with BPI France.

industrialization strategy and industrial bootstrapping diagnosis - life 01 - Kickmaker

Kickmaker helped us define our long-term industrial strategy and identify critical positions

Thomas FaureCEO Life 01

In-depth diagnostics for successful industrialization

Project summary:

  • Process and product audit to define an industrial process strategy
  • Definition of manufacturing processes in future plant to increase production of Life01 air purifier
  • Cost process definition
  • Industrial process strategy with milestones (What will happen in 10 years, if Life 01 wants to produce 100k products per year in its plant? What processes do they need to put in place? How much will it cost?)

Results and differentiators :

  • Product audit report with improvements
  • BOM cost estimate (Unit: 1K, 10k, 100k /year) with supplier identification, manufacturing process, TRL/MRL evaluation, and Pareto summary.
  • Overall assembly process, with identification of workstations and tests
  • Schedule (DVT, PVT, Certifications phases) with cost estimates (industrial resources and investments)
  • Global assembly line with workstations: estimated time, number of operators, logistics flow, Aera
  • List of tests and costs
  • Risk reduction (product and process)
Work with us
Renowned expertise

Kickmaker method


Step 1

Product design evaluation

Step 2

BOM assessment & study(Parts, Qty, Make or Buy, Process, Supplier, Price, Tooling Investment , TRL / MRL, Pareto)

Step 3

Assembly Process/Workstations & Test Benches analysis

Step 4

Figure out Assembly Line (flow, operators, Takt time, area...)

Step 5

COGS assessment

Step 6

Planning consolidation (DVT, PVT & Certifications Phases) & Budget / Project costs - synthesis

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