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Certification and sourcing support for Moonbikes

Moonbikes has developed the first electric snowmobile designed to facilitate travel in Alpine environments. For Moonbikes, we provided expertise in sourcing and regulatory analysis to facilitate product export.

Certification and sourcing of an electric snowbike

Kickmaker helped us define the regulatory framework applicable to our product, which in turn enabled us to identify areas for development and assess the risks to which we were exposed.

Vincent DouilletVP Engineering & Industrial MoonBikes

Certification and sourcing for a structured project

Project summary:

  • Sourcing and expertise in regulatory analysis to ensure export to North America (their main market)
  • Identification of products and partners meeting the product’s technical and normative requirements
  • Implementation of a complete certification scheme for North America and Europe
  • Sourcing of suppliers for batteries and controllers meeting normative requirements.

Results and differentiators :

  • Successful certification for North American and European markets (UL, CE, FEM)
  • Selection of partners and products complying with technical and regulatory standards
  • Secure supply of quality batteries and controllers
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