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Paul, meca engineer Lyon

Paul, mechanical engineer

I discovered industrialization in my previous design office and I loved it!

+ Hello Paul, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I have a degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in materials science.

I started at Carestream Dental in R&D and then went to Laos for a year to help my in-laws develop their business.
I then returned to France where I worked for a design office that designs and manufactures Nespresso coffee machines.

+ How did you find Kickmaker?

I was looking for a new adventure and Kickmaker Lyon was looking to develop its business. It was not just work but also the development of the KickLyon entity, that’s what I liked most.

+ Why did you choose the field of industrialization?

I started in R&D and was quickly frustrated that I couldn’t keep up with the product I was developing until the end. I discovered industrialization in my previous design office and I loved it!

+ Your assignments at Kickmaker?

I have already completed several missions:

– Eyelight: Design and DFX of a hands-free motorcycle kit
– Speedress: Development of a connected portable cloakroom
– Arcadrone: Design and DFX of an interactive drone
– Michelin: Development of a connected tire

+ The atmosphere at Kickmaker is?

Different! I had a very good feeling at the beginning and I am absolutely not disappointed. Everyone knows how to be both professional and cool. The atmosphere is always serious and relaxed.

+ How do you see yourself evolving?

I have already been able to evolve within Kickmaker as a project manager and I intend to continue to participate in the development of Kickmaker Lyon

+ Your passions?

I like tennis (but especially watching it 😊) and scuba diving.

Thank you Paul!

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