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Driving intelligence at the edge

Embedded artificial intelligence (AI) combines the capabilities of AI algorithms and embedded systems to bring intelligence and decision-making directly to edge devices.

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Data management, acquisition, cleaning, synthetic data generation, statistical analysis, and database implementation.

Deep & machine learning model

Deep and machine learning model qualification and statistical validation of results.

Deep & machine learning R&D

Deep and machine learning R&D : state of the art, algorithm selection, implementation and training.


Production rollout and monitoring.


Real-time decision making

Increased privacy and security

Reduce bandwidth and latency

Energy efficiency

Edge intelligence

Offline functionality

Key sectors 

Key sectors 

Key sectors 

Key sectors 

Key sectors 


Healthcare diagnostics: AI-powered systems for disease diagnosis, medical image analysis.

Healthcare devices: AI-integrated medical devices for remote patient monitoring, early diagnosis and personalized treatment.

IOT devices

AI algorithms running on IoT devices for real-time data processing, anomaly detection and predictive analysis / running on edge devices for real-time data analysis, reducing latency, cloud dependency, and data protection concerns.

Manufacturing, quality & security control

Industrial automation: AI-based embedded systems to optimize manufacturing processes and quality control / Predictive maintenance: use AI to predict equipment breakdowns and optimize maintenance schedules, reducing downtime and costs.

Autonomous systems

Trucks, drones that can navigate and make decisions in real-world environments.


AI integration in robots for autonomous navigation, object recognition and complex tasks in the industrial and service sectors.

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