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Haipeng – ingénieur électronique



« Kickmaker is more like a community than a company. We are not just employees, we are kickers. »

Haipeng, le kicker qui témoigne de notre ouverture à l’internationale et de la diversité de nos équipes

Que faisais-tu avant KM ?


Thanks to an exchange programme between University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) and University of Paris-Sud(UPS), I came to France in 2013, majoring in photonics and optic systems. At UPS, we were not supposed to focus on optics or electronics but the combination of these two.

I got my “diplôme d’ingénieur en optronique” on September 2016, then I began my career in an ophthalmic medical device company in Orsay, 25 kilometers away from Paris.

At that company I was not working as an optic engineer but an electronic engineer, aiming to design electronic control systems for our optical devices. During the 14-month work at Orsay, I found my passions are more in electronics than optics and I decided to leave this company to challenge myself more in electronics.

Que fais-tu chez KM ?


One day in October 2017, I got a message on LinkedIn from Victor NJOKE at Kickmaker, he introduced to me what Kickmaker did and what was Kickmaker’s ambitions. Kickmaker focuses on innovant solutions in industrialization and all their projects were so interesting.

I told myself, “That’s the company I want to join and these are the guys I want to work with!” So I came to Kickmaker

My job here at Kickmaker is to provide electronic solutions for different projects.  I worked on three projects already at Kickmaker. The first one is an IoT device but I can’t tell you more because it is still a top secret ;).

My second project is a handheld tyre data collector. Maybe several years later you can find it in every car’s trunk! My current project is a medical equipment for people to recover from leg weekness.

Our clients are from different domains and their projects are different too. While trying to figure out a solution for a project, you can often get good ideas from other projects. You can learn a lot, not just in electronics, but also in embedded system, mechanics, and even medical science!

Quelles sont tes impressions sur KM ?


Kickmaker is more like a community than a company. We are not just employees, we are kickers. The ambiance at Kickmaker is quite dynamic. You feel very happy when you work with other kickers.

You’ll never get bored at Kickmaker. Kickers here are all young and energetic. We have monthly Kickparty where all kickers grab a beer and share the news. After work we also do sports like football and climbing. Working at Kickmaker is so fun !

At Kickmaker I can learn a lot from other experienced electronic engineers and other engineers. It is very important that at the beginning of one’s career there are someone to guide you.

I’m very happy that at Kickmaker I’m surrounded by a lot of interesting projects and a lot of talented guys. I’m sure I can learn a lot from them.

Principales missions


Il faut analyser le brief, comprendre ce qu'on va devoir intégrer ou aider à définir le besoin du client en fonction de ce qui est réalisable ou non.


On peut réaliser un ou plusieurs prototype. Lancer ou superviser une fabrication en série.


Réalisation de tests ou d'essais pour vérifier la tenue du cahier des charges puis faire valider le produit "fini" par le client.

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